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Some self bio stuff for those people that like this stuff. I grew up in a single parent household and think we all turned out better for the tough choice she had to make. I have two brothers and two sisters but most of my childhood was spent with my younger sister and older brother. (the one just above me) I consider Ocoee Florida my hometown since that is where we settled down and my mom still lives. I had a good childhood and never really wanted for much but had to work for anything that I did want. Loved sci-fi stuff and even played some role playing games for a while and was always a good story teller with a crazy imagination so I ran the games most of the time and we a lot of fun. (not the dancing around the woods or custom wearing types ... just a role player gammers)

My later teenage years I did get to spent some of with my oldest brother and that was always interesting! :) I was an automotive painter for many years before moving to telecommunications. The leadership role I now have has taught me a lot about customer service and how to handle people and very tough situations. I keep working at my art as much as I can and have areas of interest and plenty of ideas because of the numerous outlets I possess, I do not have many dry spells. I treat people with respect even they do not deserve it and believe we all really should look after each other more than we do. Not because we might get something from it but just because it is the right thing to do.

Drag Racing Photography has dominated a good part of my time these past few years sponsoring / support 6 Florida Motorcycle Drag racing teams but Iím still working on the non-photography works as well. I do truly love the sport and the people that live and breathe it because some of them do it - just to do it and then some are pushing to take it further than just a weekend passion. I try and be a resource for them that normally only gets offered for the television people / teams. My service is to focus on the person or team at the event and everything else they do while there.

"I saw a story on TV and wanted to do something special like it for my Husband. I was referred to JT and when we met up to talk about it, I was soooo nervous but discovered that when dealing with a professional photographer and gentlemen you have nothing to worry about. I felt like a million dollar super model and my husband was blown away by the pictures he received on our very special day. " - Briget H - Miami, Florida

***JT Note: images sealed not viewable and permission to view must come from Client this applies to anyone even family and friends***

"I have worked with Jack from JTNorton Photography for two years. Jack has benefited my race team, Dogwood Racing, in numerous ways. Not only has he provided me with high quality digital photography, he also has posted this material in social networking sites to promote my business. Jack has also overseen web based marketing promotion of my company. My yearly season review article looks professional to customers due to Jacks artistic and technical talents. I highly recommend anyone needing professional photography, art work or digital media to contact JTNorton Photography! " - Dogwood Racing - Orlando, Florida


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